Some folks raise alpacas primarily for their fiber. Hand spinners and weavers love the look and feel of the luxurious fiber. Good quality alpaca fiber can be made into top quality garments like sweaters, coats, hats and gloves. Some fashion shows have even featured fine alpaca garments.

There’s two types of alpacas: huacayas and suris. Here at Spittin’ Creek we own both suri and huacaya alpacas. The huayaca alpacas have what can be described as a “poufy” appearance and their fiber should have good crimp and density. The suri alpacas have a silky, “drapey”‘ look and their fiber should have luster and good lock formation.

A great disposition is crucial to us..our alpacas are raised side by side with our llamas. Some alpacas can be easy to train. We have taken some of our alpacas to schools, churches, festivals and fairs. At Spittin’ Creek, our alpacas are comfortable in the show ring, class rooms, pasture and a few years ago two of our females were even been featured on a local radio program. Their peaceful hums were heard throughout the county that day!

Today many folks are raising alpacas for fun and here at Spittin’ Creek we love our alpacas and llamas and think that you will too.

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