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Llamas are gentle animals, but more than anything, they’re fun! Easy to love and care for, they’ll quickly become a part of your life—maybe even a lifestyle, if you know what I mean.

Startin’ a llama farm isn’t really as hard as it might look. You need shelter, some land and at least two llamas to start with. You see, llamas are naturally herd oriented, so a single llama is a lonely llama—and there is nothing more sad than a lonely llama.

Here at Spittin’ Creek we have more than 60  llamas that we love and we think you will too.

Llamas are not only beautiful and enjoyable but they are also quite useful. Llamas can be used as guard animals (to protect herds of sheep or goats), trained to pull a cart or even carry a pack.

Our llamas have been in schools, day care centers, nursing homes, churches, parades, the local mall and even the lobby of an area television station.

Llamas can be fun for the entire family. Good quality llama fiber is a favorite of hand spinners and weavers—and the luxurious fiber comes in a variety of natural colors.

Want to learn more about some of our llamas?  Check our Llamas for Sale, and our Herdsires, too.

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  • A Legacy Born of Love

    Since 1995, Spittin’ Creek has been building a long line of high-quality, award winning pedigrees. Today, the tradition continues. Loved like family, our llamas are gentle, well trained and eager to please. Call us today to inquire about purchasing opportunities.
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